Coaching Testimonials

"I spent a wonderful hour with Heather, in which she worked with me on several approaches to starting mindfulness meditation. I have recently read several books on the subject and have been meditating for a few weeks, but I feel I made huge progress today as a result of some subtle techniques and ways of framing the experience that Heather shared with me. As a retired physician I was also very impressed with her grasp of the physiology involved in mindfulness meditation."
"Heather and I discussed ways to be more effective in my time management through checking my email at set times throughout the day. We also experienced meditation together! It was a great way to learn to manage stress and anxiety. I enjoyed the session very much and left feeling motivated and relaxed."
"Heather has coached me for at least 15 hours over the course of several months.  She has been pivotal in helping me stay positive and getting out of depression.  She has also helped remind me all we have is now, we cannot focus on the past.  She has taught me how to breathe and take time for myself."
"My hour with Heather was helpful. She began with a guided meditation that helped me realize my root emotion that I wanted to address in our hour together. Her positivity and optimism helped to calm my nerves and see that my problem was solvable. Her patience was appreciated through my anxious unloading. She broke down my issue into manageable pieces. Her loving spirit was inspiring!"
"I just finished my second session with Heather. As usual our time together was wonderful. I felt that I rambled on and on about daily struggles and Heather in her calming sweet way refocused me. She led me quietly back to my own inner truth and peace. I always feel so grounded and centered after my time with Heather. I am looking forward to future sessions with Heather."
Jean Ann
"My experience with Heather was very pleasant.  Great opening and open-ended questions.  Lots of inquiry at the appropriate times.  Ended with a intentional loving-kindness meditation that helped me continue to face my current situation with acceptance and ease."
"Heather opened my eyes to the possibility of moving forward with my passion in life. So many times we think that our dreams are just that...dreams...but she helped me to see that the only thing holding us back from bringing those dreams into reality is our own limiting beliefs."