Your spirit is BEAUTIFUL and MADE of JOY, LIGHT, LAUGHTER AND LOVE.   Your heart's natural expression is JOY!  When we are in pain, hurt or stressed our bodies tighten, restricting the flow of energy and the expression of our heart.  Divine Light is healing energy that is also called LOVE, it is the force that creates and maintains the flourishing aspect of our deepest, truest nature.    By letting go and relaxing into deep stillness, we can increase the flow of Divine energy to: 


Be drawn into life's purpose and meaning.

Focus and move forward with our dreams.

Increase JOY and LOVE in our life.

Relieve physical, mental or emotional suffering.

Reconnect with balance, peace and happiness.

Connect to the Divine in a deeply, powerful way.

Open to Divine guidance and LOVE. 

If you feel blocked, frustrated or are suffering in any area of your life, moving the energy that has built up in the body is key to becoming your most loving, joyful, authentic, empowered self.

Our spiritual health plays a major role in our physical, relational and financial health.  Release the energy of the past and embrace the present in order to open your heart to a new future.  The Divine Source, The Greater Spirit, God/Goddess, whatever your unique understanding is of this force that is greater than yourself, is powerful, loving, supportive energy.  Healing energy and gifts from the Divine communicate deep unconditional LOVE.  When we open up to this energy, there is an abundance that awaits us - a life that is joyful, relaxing and meaningful.  It is something so beautiful and worth seeking.  

Healing is receiving Divine Light and Blessings to relieve the blocked energy that has kept you from expressing your inner Spirit.  Bring into your life MORE  Health and Wholeness, Joy and Love.