You are beautiful and always in Bloom.  Awaken to your heart and what it wants to communicate.  Divine energy is the force that creates and maintains this flourishing aspect of our deepest, truest nature.  And when Divine energy is blocked we can feel less than our best, most joyful, selves.  By opening up to the flow of this energy you can: 

Be drawn into your purpose and meaning.

Focus and move forward with your dreams.

Increase joy and love in your life.

Relieve physical, mental or emotional suffering.

Reconnect with balance, peace and happiness.

Deepen your connection to the Divine.

Develop a personal practice to maintain the flow of Divine energy. 

If you feel blocked, frustrated or are suffering in any area of your life, it can help to move the energy that has become stagnate and is keeping you from becoming your most loving, joyful, authentic, empowered self.

Our spiritual health is vital and plays a major role in our physical, relational and financial health.  Release the energy of the past to embrace the present and move into the future.  The Divine Source, The Greater Spirit, God/Goddess is powerful, loving, supportive energy.  Living a spiritual life gives one an opportunity to create more love in their life.  And this deep love is the work of the Divine.  When we recognize that, there is an abundance that awaits us unlike anything we could imagine - that life can be joyful, relaxing and meaningful is something so beautiful and worth working toward.  

Asking to receive this Divine energy, helps to relieve the blocked energy that has kept you from expressing your inner spirit.  Open to more Health and Wholeness, Joy and Love.